Some of the last instructions that Jesus gave us were to go and make disciples of all nations.  Some are fulfilling this command as missionaries to foreign countries, literally going into all nations to spread the gospel.  But we’re not all called to do this, nor is everyone gifted to do so or should feel pressured to do so.

This doesn’t mean that the need for Christian evangelism doesn’t apply to those who aren’t called to foreign missions.  Instead, for everyone who isn’t called into a foreign country, your mission field is your backyard.  You are called to reach out to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members.  The nation that you are called to make disciple in is your own!

The idea of evangelizing people that you know sounds intimidating and for many people it can be.  God gave some people bold, outgoing personalities and others shy, quiet ones. The idea behind evangelism and the point of this site is not instruct how to do evangelism a certain way.  Instead it is to help you discover what method of evangelism works for you and the way God made you. 

You can use this site to find evangelism ideas on what works and some thoughts on evangelism techniques that worked well in the past but may be best put to rest in favor of new ideas. 

You can also use this site to teach others about evangelism through our Bible study section.  Each Bible study will give your Sunday school class or small group some questions to discuss and ideas to think upon.  If you want to read sermons for more ideas and motivation in your evangelism we have a section for that as well.

Evangelism Unprocessed is an online book that discusses how to move away from traditional ideas of evangelism and into an understanding of how relationships are key to impacting lives for Jesus Christ.  While evangelism has been made into a process that if steps 1-7 are followed great results can be expected, many have found that doesn’t work for them and get discouraged.  Evangelism Unprocessed can be repeated by anyone because it doesn’t involve steps or a technique, just building relationships.  If you can make a friend, you can evangelize.

Finally, there are tools available for getting the word out.  These tools include important Bible verses to remember and some common methods of sharing the gospel with others.

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