Evangelism Unprocessed

Evangelism Unprocessed was Pastor Mike’s first book, originally written in 2005.  Publishing has changed a lot since it was originally released and fortunately a new version is available for considerably less money now and it can also be made available electronically.

Because of this, Evangelism Unprocessed has been re-released in a new version.  All of the core values of the book still stand up a decade later but the book itself has been updated slightly.  In addition to the updating, two more appendices have been added to the back.

A free Bible study on evangelism based upon the book is available at our parent site, Spreading Light Ministries.  This can be used with or without the book but the book works as a great supplement to the study itself.

Aside from the fact that we are biased and think that this is a good book on evangelism, if you should wish to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, you encourage Pastor Mike to continue to write new books and free content for his websites.

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