Healthy Church

What is a Healthy Church?

Lots of Christians want to see their church grow and reach out to their friends and neighbors.  We want to have a healthy church.  The trouble is, most of us don’t know what a healthy church looks like, so it is very hard to work towards that goal.

This study is designed to look at what Jesus and the New Testament say a healthy church should look like.  It starts by looking at what Jesus came to accomplish in the church.  Then it moves to understanding discipleship.

All of this sets the foundation for the main focus of a healthy church, 10 principles for your church.  This is explained more in depth in the introduction and will be covered in depth at the end of the study.

This study is deeply entrenched in the Bible and has very little church theory to it.  Almost every point made has a Bible verse attached to it.

This study is great for a small group from the same church that wishes to evaluate their church or for a group of Christians from various churches that wish to compare what their churches are doing and why they do it.

Each lesson is designed to be one study, but they work best with group interaction.  Depending on the amount of time allotted and the amount of interaction you anticipate in your group, you may wish to break the studies up and stretch them over two or even more weeks.  When my group did this, we took about a summer to cover the six lessons.

Because there are Bible verses given with most points, you are encouraged to look at each verse to see that this isn’t just another program but instead you may understand what the Bible tells us about how we should live.

This study is adapted from material made available from the Healthy Church Initiative, a project by the Missionary Church USA.  Tons more information on the Healthy Church Initiative is available there.

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