Reasons Jesus Came

A healthy church reflects the reasons that Jesus came

I have brought you glory on earth by competing the work you gave me to do.
John 17:4

1. Jesus came to bring glory to God – John 17:1-5

  • What does glorifying God mean?
  • How do we glorify God?
  • How does glorifying God relate to eternal life?
    • Part of The Westminster Confession states that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Do you agree that this is the most important thing a person can do?
  • What will eternity (heaven) be like?

Do we – individually & as a church – currently glorify God in what we do?

What can we do to improve this?

2. Jesus came to spread the message of eternal life – John 5:24, 36-40

  • Jesus was a testimony for himself and for eternal life.  He states in this passage that his testimony is weightier than of John the Baptist.
  • We know that Jesus was a testimony of the Father because he did the work that the Father sent him to do.
  • Studying the scriptures does not save us, it is only when we realize they are about Jesus and come to him will we have life.

How are we to imitate Jesus and spread the message of eternal life – both individually and as a church?

3. Jesus came to be purpose driven – John 17:6, 20-21

  • Jesus had a reason for being on earth and a plan while he was here
  • He did not wander around hoping that crowds would gather to him and that he would get a chance to present the gospel.  Instead, he was purposeful in what he did to create teaching opportunities
  • Jesus prayed for his disciples and all believers that they would be successful in carrying on his plan and his purpose

Do we have a plan and a purpose for being here?  What should our plan and purpose be as long as we are still in the world?

 Adapted from the Missionary Church’s Healthy Church Initiative

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