Petra Means Rock

We are big fans of the Christian rock band Petra.  We don’t mean to steal their name or take advantage of it in any way.  Instead, we are both paying homage to the Greek word petra which means “rock.”  It is the same meaning as the very similar name Peter.

Since we’ve used the same name that they’ve helped make famous, we thought we’d just give them a shout out anyway.  Petra is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013 although needless to say they are lacking some original band members.

You can find all about Petra on their website  If you’re interested in merchandise, you can find that at

Below is a complete discography of Petra, courtesy of the always helpful wikipedia. 🙂  If you want any album recommendations, in our opinion Petra Praise, Petra Praise 2, and This Means War all hold up well with time but definitely have an 80’s feel to them.  Jekyll and Hyde is a very good modern album worth checking out as well.

Release Date

Album Title

1974 Petra
1977 Come and Join Us
1979 Washes Whiter Than
1981 Never Say Die
September 21, 1982 More Power To Ya
1983 Not of this World
1985 Beat the System
1986 Captured In Time and Space
1986 Back to the Street
1987 This Means War!
1988 On Fire!
October 3, 1989 Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out
June 20, 1990 Beyond Belief
November, 1991 Unseen Power
1992 Petra en Alabanza
November 9, 1993 Wake-Up Call
August 26, 1995 No Doubt
February 18, 1997 Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus
April 29, 1998 God Fixation
February 29, 2000 Double Take
November 20, 2001 Revival
August 19, 2003 Jekyll & Hyde
April 20, 2004 Jekyll & Hyde en Español
November 22, 2005 Petra Farewell
November 16, 2010 Back to the Rock
April 15, 2011 Back to the Rock Live

There are several more compilation albums that contain re-released and often remastered songs.  This is something you end up doing when you’ve been around 40 years.

  • Petra Means Rock (1989, Star Song Records)
  • War & Remembrance (2CD/CS with booklet, 1990, Star Song Records)
  • Petrafied: The Best Of Petra (1991, Star Song Records)
  • Petraphonics (1992, Star Song Records)
  • Power Praise (1993, Star Song Records), not to be confused with either Petra Praise album on Word Records—this album contained songs that simply contained a praise theme.
  • Rock Block (1995, Star Song Records)
  • The Early Years (1996, Star Song Records)
  • The Coloring Song (1999, EMI/Capitol – same tracklist as The Early Years)
  • Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (2001, Bompastor/Word – Brazilian release)
  • Still Means War (2002, Word Records)
  • The Power Of Praise (2003, Word Records)
  • The Praise Collection (2006, Word Records)
  • The Ultimate Collection (2006, Star Song Records)
  • The Early Years (2006, Star Song Records – new artwork)
  • The Definitive Collection (2007, Word Records)
  • Best of the 80s (2012, Star Song Records)

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