Top Praise and Worship Songs

There are many ways to determine what are the top praise and worship songs.  One way of looking the top songs is simply to find which ones have been requested most often and used in church services.  Another way is to see which worship songs have received the most recognition and awards.

For your benefit, we have listed both the most popular, most requested praise and worship songs and we have a list of Dove award winning worship songs.  And even better, we’ve included the lyrics to all of these songs for your personal use.

To compile the top songs, we have used CCLI’s “top 25 worship songs” list which is published twice a year and have included the most popular worship songs going back to 1997.

For the best worship songs, we have used the list of Dove Award winners in the Praise and Worship category.

Best Praise and Worship Albums Top 25 Worship Songs
Worship Songs of the Year

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