You’re Worthy of My Praise

You’re Worthy of My Praise

by David Ruis

I Will Worship (I Will Worship)
With All Of My Heart (With All Of My Heart)
I Will Praise You (I Will Praise You)
With All Of My Strength (With All Of My Strength)
I Will Seek You (I Will Seek You)
All Of My Days (All Of My Days)
I Will Follow (I Will Follow)
All Of Your Ways (All Of Your Ways)

I Will Give You All My Worship
I Will Give You All My Praise
You Alone I Long To Worship
You Alone Are Worthy Of My Praise

I Will Bow Down (I Will Bow Down)
Hail You As King (Hail You As King)
I Will Serve You (I Will Serve You)
Give You Ev’rything (Give You Ev’rything)
I Will Lift Up (I Will Lift Up)
My Eyes To Your Throne (My Eyes To Your Throne)
I Will Trust You (I Will Trust You)
I Will Trust You Alone (Trust You Alone)

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